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We offer the following regular discounts

Early booking  5-10% if you book till 31.12. or some till 31.1. depending on chartercompany
Exhibition   meet us at a boat-ehibition, and get 5%
booking more than 2 or 3 weeks   saves 2-5% (depending on chartercompany)
booking more than 1 yacht  please ask for this option, if you think of booking your friend´s yacht, too...
Repeater /regular client we give 5% to all our repeaters, no matter, if you book your boat from another chartercompany

Special prices  are indicated in the lists, that can be gap-weeks, early-season-charters or cancellations

LAST MINUTE means, that left boats are offered at special conditions.If you are able to decide very late, quick chack flights and book to sail in some days, that is a good opportunity to get a reasonable price. But it is not possible, if ypou have a bigger crew and must plan or arrange flights long in advance!

Please note, that our effort is, to deliver a perfect boat from a perfect base with friendly employees being on your service. We ar no "McBoat", and do not want to deliever "Charter Fast Food". That needs a serious calculation, and by that reason, we do not add something first, to offer a discount, and by that reason, we don´t play foolish games with clients, who might get in trouble with their holiday then!

We work specific, individual (for you), and we try to ease the complete chartering-process to your convenience as far as possible. Giving discounts as above, makes sense, because it is a fair equivalence between the partners.

But we do not "lure" you in an offer, and do not expose you to the risc of very unpleasant surprises... guaranteed!

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It is very difficult to check seriosity of a business-partner. found from the internet.
Not with us!


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Your payments are safe

We keep all charter-payments separated from other financial transactions and proceed all those payments via a separated bank account!

Payment insurances
Some charter companies provide an insurance to secure received payments, but that is not necessary in most countries.
Which company (most german ones) offers an insurance inclusive their pricing is indicated in the list, so you can decide, to take one of these companies preferably, if you want.  In case of very high sums, it is possible sometimes, to get bank-guarantees.
Nevertheless we ask chartercompanies for economical statements, and our steady contact to these companies and being in the branch helps us to find out non-regularities and undertake the necessary steps to guarantee maximum safety for all collected payments.

It is very difficult to check seriosity of a business-partner, found from the internet.
Not with us!

Our company is registered in Munich/Germany since 1984, more than  21 years.
Our office is at the same location (street!) since foundation - we only moved once across the street to bigger rooms some years ago.
Our agency grew from own sailing-experience on the owned yacht of CEO and owner of the company, Mr.Hans-Joachim Steiner, who started with sailing 1989, more than 15 yars ago.

In the Impressum, you find all our company data.

Payments are going to our german bank-account, mentioned in the contracts. Our relationship to our charterpartners europewide is based on personal contacts, and that makes seriosity a condition to be. Without that, we would never be able to work with them, because they expect perfect administration and payment-forwarding as well.

We try to get the most actual and complete information of the chartercompanies as well at any time to avoid loss of payments to not serios working chartercompanies.

We are not the biggest charteragency, we are not the cheapestcharteragency, but we try to be the BEST charteragency for you and your desires for a perfect and convenient organized sailing or motoryacht-holiday abroad!

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year we are available for your questions.
Contact us by email, phone, mobile, sms, Fax... whenever you need us.

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We offer only boats from Europe and some in Cuba.


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Usually, the law of the country you come from is accepted for boatcharter in the destination-country.

Of course, one must have experience to sail or drive a motoryacht, and most countries have licence-regulations. Please check in your country, what is necessary.

Guests from countries, who do not ask obligatory boat-/sailing-licences for private pleasure boats like Norway or Holland, should make sure, they can proove their experience other than with a licence, e.g. a confirmation of a sailing club from home or else. Every chartercompany reserves the right to order a skipper, if they get the impression, one is not able to steer and navigate appropriately! The insurances might not pay in case of an accident.

In Croatia, one must have either a written and stamped official sailing-licence or he must make that at the local Kapitanerie (valid in Croatia only). That can be organized by your chartercompany, costs are between 100-200 €
ften one must be there for examination on Friday before his charter starts. Asked is the basic nautical knowledge. Croatia asks for obligatory VHF-licences, which MUST be acquuired as well, if you only have a sailing- or motorboat-licence without VHF-allowance!

In Greece, there must be a primary-skipper with licence on board, and a 2nd skipper with at least minor licence, but he/she must be able to sail the boat back to the harbour in case of problems with the primary skipper.

This licences can not be acquired in Greece, you only can charter there, when you already have this 2 licence-bearers in your crew, or you are obliged by law, to hire a skipper!


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Easy navigation - no ads

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Easy navigation - no ads

We want you to get the needed information as fast as possible, focused to your desired answer!

By that reason, we do not pack our websites with "animatons", "sounds" or advertisements, which pretend to give you information, but are ads...Search your boat - quick, easy and get a competent answr to your questions. That´s what we want for you.

We try our best...

to make everything as convenient and easy, as possible.

But unfortunately, being "perfect" is nearly impossible...

But IF something happens and you need immidiate assistance - we are here!
Call our office or our mobile, and a "life person" will be on your service (not a machine or "callcenter" with preproduction-standard-stupid answers...)
Does not matter, what time it is, on weekends, sundays, day and night... if you have a problem... we are there!


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Today, most legal yachts (and we don´t have others!), are equipped with everything, you need for a sailing-trip: GPS, often Plotter, Sea-charts, Handbooks, warps, bucket and and and... even the kitchen is equipped completely for the maximum allowed crew on board (as is the security equipment!). By that reason, we do not mention each item extra 

For specifications, please have a look at each boat´s detail´s page, where you find further informations on bottom (see button "Specifications").

Specific equipments can be included in prices, or might be charged extra. This information as well is provided on each boat´s detail´s page.

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Legale Charterboats (and we don´t offer others!!) are obliged to have a Charterlicence, these boats are under inspection of port police  every year once and the safety equipments must be maintained regularily.

Each boat must (!!) have a complete insurance against any liabilities of charter. The deposit is in relation to the size of the boat and you can deposit that sum mostly by credit card.

It is recommended to check for additional insurances like skipper-liabilities, deposit-insurance and maybe an insurance, in case, you can´t start the sailing trip by health reasons or others. There is a link on the database-page, we recommend to check for more informations there!

Note: a normal travel insurance covers usually NOT yachtcharters, because that is from another contractual partner!

Tip: check you credit card conditions: some offer such insurances!


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Your chartererd boat will be given to you with an appropriate and detailed briefing. Please ask any question, you might have! The highly qualified teams on the bases will help you with every question! If you are not a very experienced sailor, it is recommended to take a skipper for 1 or 2 days, so you will get more detailed experience with the charetrered boat!

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