Charter terms

General Charter Terms <>

1. Pecumedia GmbH, Abt. Yachtagency P.O.Box 401 444, D-80714 Munich (Germany), of which named as, is an agent of the self-same charter company.

2. All contracts and invoices are in the name of the aforenamed charter-company. All contracts between charter customers and the charter company must be cleared by both contract partners.

3. Only written and signed agreements are valid. All verbal agreements must be written and signed in order to become valid.
Should some clauses in this contract be invalidated by judicial or legislative measures, the invalid clause will be rectified so as to fulfill the original economic meaning and intent in valid terms. The contract itself will in no way be altered by such rectification.


1.) General
The charter-company is obliged, to deliver the rented Yacht at the agreed date and place, ready to sail in perfect condition.
If that is not possible, the charter-company  has the right, to deliver another Yacht with the similiar size and specifications or to pay back the received charter-payment. In that case, the charterer has no right on further compensation.

2.) Insurance
The charter-company is obliged, to insure the yacht as follows:
third-party-insurance with min. 2.500.000 ,  an insurance against all risks according to the value of the boat inclus. equipment. Self participation 1000 . Private property is not insured.

3.) Sailing area
Croatian Coast of the Mediterranean sea. Other destinations are only possible,when permitted in written form.

4.) Skipper
The charterer confirms with his signature, that he is able and  entitled
sailing a boat and that he has the nautical and navigational knowledge and experience to do so in open seas. If not, he is obliged to name a skipper, who signs the charter-contract as well. The Charterer confirms with his signature, that he is bearer of the necessary licences. For the consequences of wrong data he is liable.  Charterers and ship leaders cling, as far as they
are not identical, as total debtors from the contract.

5.) Special obligations of the charterer

The charterer is obliged

* to use the boat and it´s equipment concerning the usual rules of nautical seamanship
* not to make professional transportation of goods or persons
* not to join Regattas or other sports-events
* not to rent the Yacht to third parties
* to accomplish dragging other vehicles only in an emergency
* at night only sail at good sight and weather conditions
* during the trip control daily the oil and bilge water ect.
Pets are not allowed on board.

In case of an accident  the charter will write a exact description of the case, which  has to be signed and prooved by harbourmaster, a doctor, or police. The charter-company must be informed immidiately as well as the base-management.
Same at non-maneuverableness, loss as well as seizure by authorities and handicap of the yacht  by outstanding ones.
The costs resulting from offence or neglect of the regulations go in its entirety debited to the charterer.
Contact to the ground or rocks must be notified to the base-management, so it is possible to control the keel.
In case of damages, the costs of repair and lifting/launching will be taken from security-deposit.

Engine-damages, caused by  wrong use, damaged sails (except seams) loss of equipment or other damages will be taken from the security-deposit as well.
There will be a account-balance during 30 days after return of the yacht.

6.) Overtaking the Yacht
The yacht will be delivers with full tanks. Condition and completeness of the inventory and equipment will be checke with a checklist by the charterer and confirmed with his signature. All complaints have to be undertaken before that signature, later  compalints can not be accepted.
Is the charter-company not able to repair  a damage from the charter before, the charterer can  withdraw from the contract only, or get a  price-reduction, when the boat is not able to sail anymore.

7.) Return of the Yacht
At the end of the charter, the charterer returns the yacht with completely full tank, all items stored at the place they were at overtaking the yacht.

8.) Return and delay
The charterer is obliged to be back at the base at the agreed day and time. This is independet from any excuse, especially weather conditions. The charterer is obliged to arrange his itinary that way, that he is able to be back at the charter-base on time at bad weather conditions as well.  If he fails, he must inform the charter-company and the base-management and wait for furtner notice. All related costs to that case like costs of return, travel-costs of the following charter-crew 
The charter-company can charge for each day of delay the double daily charter-list-price.
Is the return later, than agreed at the return day, each hour can be charged with 2% of the weekly charter-rate. This is for delays up to 12 hrs.

9.) Liabilities of charter-company and charterer
The charterer takes liability for all third party requirements against the charter-company relying on all his actions and omissions , and keeps the charter-company free from all  civilian- and  criminally consequences inside and outside the country. He will take  no objections against liabilities from the charter-contract and no further covering than mentioned above. Furthermore, the charterer is liable for all  damages, which are not paid by the insurance because of his his negligence, this includes all misuse of  all machines on board.

10.) Payment terms
Down payment at signing the charter-contract , money transfer to the bank-account mentioned above (see pg.1). Final payment latest 6 weeks before charter starts.

All late arriving payments will be charged an administration-fee of 20 .

11.) Security payment
Can be paid in cash or credit card slip at boarding. All deposits will be refunded , if there is no complaint  at return of the yacht.

12.) Resignation
Resignation until 8 weeks before charter starts costs 50% of the charter-fee
resignation less than 8 weeks from the startdate of the charter costs the
full charter-sum.
Replacement of the skipper and crew is possible, the charge is 130

13.) Additional
Verbal agreements are only valid, when they are confirmed in written form.