Charter terms

General Charter Terms <>

Pecumedia GmbH, Charter Agency

PO-Box 401 444, D-80714 Munich, and are all registered
names referring to the selfsame sailing charter company Platten d.o.o. Croatia Sailing ,Marina Funtana b.b., HR-52440 Porec

BoatCharter-companyPort of departurePort of destination
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departure-datearrival at destination-port
<> about 5.p.m.<> about 4 p.m. + 1 night on
board till 8 a.m.


included in price Optional Extras/payment cash  at check-in Obligatory extra-costs/<>
<> <> <>


Further agreements:

The Charterer:
<> <> <> <> <>

All claims are subject between the contract partners.

Prices include: Use of the chartered boat and supplements for the agreed date,
insurance, service in the charterbase.

Prices do not include: flights and transfers to and from the boat,extra supplements
as mentioned in the offer/brochure and services, which are not expressly mentioned
as included. Costs of permits (Transitlog, taxes),costs of port of call, travel
insurance, etc.

In case of break-down of the booked yacht, a substitute yacht can be arranged
in 48 hours. The charterer will accept another yacht of the same value if it
is the same type and size as the one booked. The charterer will accept this
boat if it has the same amount of berths and is suitable for the sailing holiday.
If the boat is smaller than the one booked, the charterer can demand the payment
of the difference between the yacht used and the one originally chartered. Further
claims are excluded.

A cash down-payment is to be paid upon boat consignment. Without this security-payment
consignment is not possible.

The boat will be handed over following an inspection to verify that the inventory-list
is complete and the boat is in good sailing conditions and clean.

The same is expected upon the return of the boat.

The security payment will be handed back upon return of the boat if there is
no damage or other complaints. Fuel, Gas and water are to be paid for by the

The WC on board must be used as follows:

* The tank must be emptied and rinsed with much water daily.

* Nothing must be thrown in the toilet (NO toilet-paper,tampons,food).

Garbage-bags are to be used for toilet-paper, so please tell this clearly to
non-experienced members of your crew.

* Returning the yacht with an unemptied toilet waste-tank will result in a charge
by the charter-company!

Cancellation of the contract involves the following costs:

* until 12 weeks before start date 50% of charter-fee

* less than 12 weeks before charter start date: 100% of the charter fee

If the boat can be chartered to a third party, there are no costs except eventual
discounts or other costs.

The signing charterer may name someone else to sublet the charter contract.
The costs of this change are 20% of the basic charter fee or the relative costs.

The charterer needs to be bearer of a valid sailing-/motorboat-license and
2 years experience.

If he is not, he is obliged to engage a skipper. In Greece there must be a 2nd
skipper with a licence on board.

In Croatia a VHF-Licence is needed.

The charterer is responsible to make sure, he is allowed to be skipper of the
boat referring to local legal claims, which can be different in each country.

The yacht shall only be used for private holidays.

Any business use is subject to the express written permission of the charter

Chartering to a sub-charterer is not allowed. Participation in regattas, races
or other sporting events requires written permission from the charter company.
The charterer is responsible

for all usage of the yacht during his charter-period.

All documents which are relevant for the necessary permits must be presented
upon signing of the contract, at latest 6 weeks before the charter starts. It
is the charterer's responsibility if missing documents lead to the delayed processing
of necessary papers.

Leaving the waters of the country, where the charter starts, is only possible
with the express written permission of the charter company.

The charterer is to return to the charter base at the agreed date and time.
If this is not possible, the charterer is responsible for all following costs.
The charter-contract will be prolonged automatically for 1 week in weekly periods
until the boat is returned to the charter base..

If the charterer can prove that the costs incurred by the charter company due
to damage or late return to the charter base are lower than those calculated
by us, he will only be responsible for payment of the lowercosts.

In case of an accident or technical problems, the charterer is to contact the
service-base or the charter-company. If possible, the boat is to be brought
back immediately to the charterbase or should wait in the next harbour until
a specialist can check the damage and solve the problem.

Further agreements are valid in this contract only if they are written and