Charter terms

General Charter Terms <>

Pecumedia GmbH, Charter Agency

PO-Box 401 444, D-80714 Munich, and are all registered
names referring to the selfsame sailing charter company.

All claims are subject between the contract partners.

Further agreements are valid in this contract only if they are written and



YachtChartercompanyPort of boardingPort of destination
<> (<>)<><> / <><

boarding atarrival at destination port
<> after 4.p.m. (16:00) <> until 4.p.m. (16:00) + 1 night on board until 8 a.m.

Charterer: <> <>, <> <> <>



These Charter conditions are component part of this contract, confirmed and
duly accepted by both parties to a contract.


The owner is obliged to place the contracted yacht at Charterer’s disposal
for exactly stipulated period of time in proper condition.

The owner should place the yacht with full fuel and water tanks. The inventory
list should be signed by both parties to a contract.

If the owner is not in position to place the contracted yacht at charterer’s
disposal due to “force major”, it is understood that his obligation
and his right to provide another yacht of the same size and number of berths,
without making any claims for indemnification. The yacht is insured against
the third
person damages and fully insured in amount of the yacht and equipment value.

The Crew and Charterer’s personal belongings are not covered with this


The Charterer declares by his signature that he will handle the yacht and
it’s equipment with care and properly, respect the sailing borderline,
not subcharter the yacht and return the yacht according to the charter conditions,
that is in the same condition as the yacht was taken over.

Otherwise, he is obliged to pay all damages which may occur, such as : damages
on the engine, sails, and the losses or damages on the equipment caused by
personal negligence, will be covered from deposit in the case of average.

Charterer is obliged to inform Owner immediately, report the case to the Port
Authority and write down the protocol for the insurance. Contrariwise, he pays
all expenses.

In case when no defects are found on the yacht and inventory, the return of
the deposit follows.

The Charterer is obliged to return the yacht with full fuel and water tanks.

All arrangements and changes must be in written form and confirmed by both
parties to the contract. In all cases of dispute, both parties to the contract
will attend to reach a settlement in an ambicable way,otherwise,

the dispute will fall under the competence of the Owner’s court.

This contract is made in two identical copies, one of which pertains to the
Charterer and the other one to the Owner.