Allgemeine Charterbedingungen dieses Vercharterers

Der Charterer bestätigt Online die Kenntnisnahme und durch eine Charterzahlung ebenfalls die Akzeptanz der nachfolgenden Charterbedingungen.

Der Vercharterer wird vor Ort beim Boarding den Originalvertrag nochmal mit den gleichen Bedingungen zur Originalunterschrift vorlegen, da dieser an Bord der gecharterten Yacht sein muss.


“Penki vėjai” LTD director

Rokas Ruslanas Arbušauskas



a. The charter price includes fully equipped boat and or services according to the current price list. Mooring fees are not included (this is not applicable to home marina)

b. The charter is confirmed only when it is paid in full.

c. The current valid prices are published online on the website

d. A boat can only be chartered by a person holding a relevant skippers licence. If the client does not hold the skippers license, they are required to hire a licensed crew (skipper).


a. If the charter is cancelled with at least 14 days notice, the cancellation fee is 50% of the charter price.

b. If the charter is cancelled with less than 14 days notice, the full charter fee is forfeited.


a. A 3000 Lt (or 1000 Euro) security deposit will be taken at the time of the boat collection. The sum will be reserved on your credit card account. will hold the card details, which will not be shared with any third parties under any circumstances.

b. The deposit can be paid by any crew member if the Client authorises the skipper to use the money.

c. If there is damage up to the value of 3000 Lt, it will be deducted from the deposit. If the damage exceeds 3000 Lt, the amount over 3000 Lt will be covered by the insurance.

d. If the Client is not able to leave a deposit, the Client will need to pay a non refundable fee of 300 Lt. If the damage occurs we will ask the Client to cover it after the boat is returned. Client will be invoiced for the amount required to cover the loss. The invoice has to be paid upon the return of the boat or within 3 working days of the invoice issue date. This fee is not a reinsurance of the excess.

e. If the loss was incurred, an administration fee of 30% of the loss amount will apply.

f. Damaged equipment is not repaired, but replaced by new equipment, unless the owner of the boat decides otherwise.

g. If the Client hires a skipper, the Client is not responsible for the loss incurred because of the actions or decisions of the skipper, but the client is responsible for his own actions or failure to act.

h. The boat is allowed to sail in Lithuanian territorial water or high seas.

i. The boat has third party liability and Casco insurance.


a. The skipper is responsible for the boat and the crew and their safety.

b. In case when the Client has booked skippered charter but the skipper is not on the boat at the present time, the Client (who paid the money) is responsible for the safety of the crew and the order on the boat.

c. The boat can be collected by the skipper, who will be required to show an original of the relevant skippers license. has the right to make a copy of the certificate.

d. The boat can be collected from 09:00 in the morning.

e. In cases when the Client books the boat from Saturday to Friday the yacht can be collected from 17:00 to 20:00 on Saturday. The boat has to return to the home harbour in the evening on Friday. If it

is not possible, it has to be back by 08:00 in the morning on Saturday at the latest.The yacht is then handed-over back to by 12:00 noon.

f. At the time of collection, the skipper has to ensure that the boat has all the equipment and has no defects or maintenance issues, in accordance with the Handover Form. If the skipper finds any defects that the company is not aware of, the Client has to inform the company’s representative immediately. Representative will make a note of the defect on the Handover Form.

g. The company may ask the skipper to demonstrate the boat handling skills, to ensure the skipper has relevant experience.


a. The boat is checked over according to the Handover Form upon the return. If there is no damage or other maintenance issues, a Return Form is signed. If any damage is found, the client will have to compensate for the loss, in line with paragraph 3 of the Charter Terms.

b. If no damage is found, the security deposit is refunded within 3 working days (if the technical difficulties occur the deposit refund can be postponed for 3 working days).

c. Upon the return of the boat the motor meter reading is taken. The fuel consumption is then calculated by multiplying the hours of motoring by 3 litres. The cost per fuel litre is 6.3 Lt.

d. The cost of the consumed fuel is noted on the Handover Form and deducted from the security deposit before the refund. The cost of the fuel will be shown on the final invoice.

e. When the Client delivers the boat containing a full tank (as the Client had received at the beginning of arrival) the additional charge for the fuel is not applicable.

f. The boat must be returned to the same port that it was collected form by 20:00 hrs in the evening on the last day of charter (except the cases are shown in 4e paragraph).

g. If the boat is returned more than 3 hours late, a penalty fee of an average one day charter price times two will apply. The penalty fee is applied in order to cover the loss incurred by failing to hand over the boat to the next client.

h. If client wants to return the boat a few days early before the booking ends or it has been agreed, the Client needs to inform the company in advance, so that the handover could be arranged with the company’s representative.

i. If the client wants to extend the charter it can be done at any time by informing the company, provided the boat is not chartered by another client. The prices are set by the current price list. The extension of the charter is confirmed when full payment is received.


a. When bareboat charter is booked the Client must be able to show the original skippers license in order to sail the certain type of the boat. Otherwise he will have to hire a skipper for the price listed in the current price list. has the right to make a copy of the original document.

b. Client is not allowed to leave the boat in the care of a third party.

c. Client must ensure that only the people listed on the crew list are on board.

d. Client must ensure that all the crew are aware of the joint responsibility to the company.

e. Client must be in possession of the crew list and other boat documents for the duration of the charter.

f. Client must inform the company of any changes of the crew.

g. Client must comply with the laws and regulations of the country he is visiting.

h. Client can not enter a yacht race without the written consent of the company. The written consent is valid even in the form of a written email.

i. Client must use all the available equipment and take all the possible actions to ensure the safety of the crew and the boat.

j. Client is not allowed to leave harbour if the wind strength is more than 25 knots or it is not allowed by the harbour authorities.

k. Client must plan the trip so that the boat would not be more than 40 nautical miles away from the home port one day before the end of the charter.

l. Client must try to avoid an overload on the mast, sails and all the boat lines.

m. Client is not allowed to have any pets or other animals on-board without the permission of the company.


a. The company will ensure that the boat is provided clean, in a good working condition and with full fuel and water tanks.

b. If the company is not able to provide the boat due to a late return of the previous client, the company will pay compensation equal to the cost of a one day charter.

c. The company is not liable for delays due to severe weather conditions.


a. If the Client has any complaints about the company or the skipper provided by the company, the complaint must be presented in writing with the client’s signature on the day of return.

b. If the client is asking for a refund, it has to be agreed on with the company’s representative at the time of the return of the boat. If the agreement is made, a written document is signed by both parties.

c. If the client‘s complaint can not be resolved at the time of return, is has to be presented to the company within 14 days. Otherwise the complaint will not be considered or dealt with.

d. Both parties shall try to resolve any issues by mutual agreement. If that is not possible, the matter will be settled in the court of Lithuanian Republic.


a. If boat is skippered by the company’s skipper, the client must respect and obey all of the skipper‘s decisions and directions.

b.These Terms and Conditions are signed and must stay on board the boat for the duration of the charter.

c. By signing these Terms and Conditions the client allows to use his/hers details for marketing purposes. The client details will not be passed on to the third parties.

To be signed at boarding

I have read and understood:


Full name and signature of the Skipper and the date

I authorize the skipper _____________________________________________ to use the up to 3000 Lt on my card as a deposit for yacht charter.

Card no_____________________________________________ exp date ___________ .

I understand and accept that the deposit will be used to cover any damage incurred to the boat or its equipment during the charter upon the return of the boat. I understand and accept that the fuel, cleaning or other expenses will be deducted from the deposit.