Charter terms

General Charter Terms <>

Pecumedia GmbH, Charter Agency Charterpartner PO-Box 401 444, D-80714
Munich, acts as an agent in the name and behalf of the chartercompany <>

All claims are subject between the contract partners <> <> as charterclient
and the chartercompany <>

Further agreements are valid in this contract only if they are written and signed.

BoatCharter-companyPort of departurePort of destination
<><><> / <><


departure-datearrival at destination-port
<> about 4.p.m.<> about 4 p.m. + 1 night on

General charter conditions <>

<> vouches for technical adequacy and good condition of all of his boats.

The person who confirmed a reservation and/or made the advance payment (hereinafter:the client) establishes a legal relation with << ChartId>>, and confirms that he agrees with the general charter conditions. Everything described in these general charterconditions represents a legal obligation for the client, as well as for <>. These conditions are the foundation for settling any eventual disputes between the client and <>.

The price and payment conditions

The charter prices are published in Euro (€), in the currently valid <> price list.

The stated prices include a technically adequate, clean boat with a full fuel tank, usage of the boat and its equipment, compulsory and hull insurance, accident insurance for the crew (covering disability and death), mooring in the home marina, Croatian sailing permit, and a concessionary approval for the boat.

The stated prices do not cover the costs of mooring and taxes in other marinas during the charter, fuel costs and costs of other necessities, car parking, and medical insurance for the crew.

In order to confirm the charter reservation, the client makes an advance payment in the amount of 40% of the charter price. The remaining amount up to the complete value of the charter is paid at the latest 4 weeks before the beginning of the charter.

The client can only take over the reserved boat under the condition that all necessary payments have been properly made.

Changes and cancellation of the charter

In case the client wishes to change the charter characteristics or cancel the charter, this must be done in writing (e-mail, fax, or post).

The date when <> receives a written notification of cancellation is the date which is the base for calculation of the cancellation costs, which is done in the following way:

- For cancellations up to two months before the beginning of the charter, <> charges 30% of the total charter price.

- For cancellations up to a month before the beginning of the charter, <> charges 50% of the total charter price.

- For cancellation within one month before the beginning of the charter, <> charges 100% of the total charter price.

For cancellations after takeover of the boat, <> keeps 100% of the total charter price and charges the client for all costs arising from the cancellation.

In case the canceling client manages to find a substitute client, who is willing to take over his rights and obligations, <> only charges the direct costs caused by the client change.

In case the cancellation is due to objective reasons on the client's side (death in the family, serious injury), <> will not refund the advance payment, but will rather arrange a suitable boat in the next available date or in the next season.

<> does not assume responsibility in case of changes or cancellations, which are due to force majeure or forces of nature (war, riots, strikes, acts of terrorism, extraordinary sanitary conditions, natural disasters, interventions by competent authorities and the like).

Takeover of the boat (CHECK-IN)

<> obliges to provide the client with a technically adequate, completely equipped boat with a full fuel tank, clean and tidy, ready for sailing, after 05.00 PM first day of the charter.

Before takeover, the client is obliged to provide the <> base with a verified voucher, which indicates that the total charter amount has been properly paid.

The client leaves <> a compulsory security deposit, which guarantees the compensation of all eventual losses or damages during the charter, even if they are not covered by the insurance policy. The deposit is made in cash, with a blank credit card slip, or with an automatic preauthorization.

The deposit is refunded to the client in full, after an <> representative ascertains that the boat was returned at the agreed time to the agreed place, tidy and undamaged, with a full fuel tank, and under the condition that no claims from third parties are placed, or are expected to be placed, against the client in connection with his use of the chartered boat.

In case of brutal negligence resulting in damage of the boat and/or its equipment, as well as in case of loss of boat parts, the client covers all the expenses.
<> keeps the amount of the deposit accordant with the cost of the repair and/or the cost of purchase of the spare or substitute parts. In case further chartering is not possible, due to the damage and/or loss caused by the client, <> keeps the amount of the deposit accordant with the lost profit.

The deposit is obligatory even in cases when a boat is rented with a skipper provided by <>.

In case the client, without previous notice, fails to take over the boat within 48 hours after the agreed check-in time, <> is authorized to one-sidedly terminate the charter contract, and the client does not have the right to subsequent reimbursement claims.

If for whatever reasons <> is unable to hand over the boat at the agreed time and place, <> is given a time limit until 12.00 PM to provide the client with this or another boat of similar characteristics. Provided that <> fails to do so, the client is authorized to terminate the contract, and is entitled to a full reimbursement of payments made to <>. In case the client decides to wait for a substitute boat outside the agreed time limit (12.00 PM), he has the right to claim a reimbursement of an amount equal to the value of charter days in which he was unable to use the boat. <>'s responsibility for any amount higher than the agreed charter price, as well as for any other compensation claims by the client, is excluded.During the takeover of the boat (check-in), the client is obliged to carefully examine and test the condition of the boat and its equipment, as well as verify that the actual condition of the inventory and equipment is accordant with the existing check-in list. All eventual complaints are to be done exclusively before the beginning of the charter. The client has no right to claim any reimbursement for defects on the boat or its equipment, which could not have been known to <> at check-in, as well as defects or damages which arose after the check-in and could not have been anticipated by <>.

The client takes over the boat with all valid documents necessary for charter (permit, crew list, concession…) and all other documents and enclosures in the boat's folder (list of captaincies, fuel stations…). The client obliges to handle the above mentioned documents with care and return them to <> at check-out. Returning the boat (CHECK-OUT)

The client is obliged to return the boat to the agreed place, at the agreed time, at 05.30 PM, at the latest, the day before last day of the charter, with a full fuel tank, ready for next navigation; that is, in the same condition as it was taken over. The CHECK-OUT will be then performed till 09.00 AM, at the latest, last day of the charter. Before the CHECK-OUT, the client is obliged to take garbage and waste off the boat and leave it at the designated place in the marina and to take their own luggage off the boat.

If for whatever reason further sailing during the charter is impossible or an excess of the agreed return time is inevitable, the client must contact <> and the base manager for further instructions. The information about the notification must be entered into the boat's log. Undesirable weather conditions are not an acceptable reason for a delay of the return.

In the event of lateness, the client vouches to pay a fine in the amount of 2% of the charter price for each hour exceeded. For lateness over 12 hours, the client pays a daily charter price for every started calendar day. All costs arising from the excess of the agreed check-out time are covered by the client. Digressions from this rule are possible, but only in accordance with a previous agreement between the client and <>.

In case the boat is returned to a port not appointed by the charter contract, the client pays <> all costs arising from the transfer of the boat to the agreed port, as well as the regulated fine for lateness (in case of lateness) and all damages that have occurred during transfer, if they are not covered by the insurance policy.

When the boat is returned (check-out), an <> representative checks the general condition of the boat and its equipment, and compares it to the check-in list, which was signed at check-in.

The client is obliged to report any eventual damage or loss to an <> representative.
In case damage has occurred on the underwater part of the hull, or if there is suspicion of such damage, a detailed inspection of the boat is required, either by a diver or by crane. The manner of the inspection is determined by <>, and the costs are covered by the client.

In case the client attempts to cover up damage or loss, which occurred during the charter, he is obliged to pay a fine in the amount of 200 €, as well as a compensation for the damage or loss.

In case the boat is not returned with a full fuel tank, the fuel, as well as the service of filling the tank, will be charged to the client.

The client's obligations

The client is obliged to:

- provide <> with a crew list containing full names, addresses, birth dates and birth places, nationality, type and number of an identification document, and the skipper's boat leader licence number, not later than 1 week before the beginning of the charter.

- have valid passports. The costs of eventual loss or theft of the documents are covered by the client himself.

- study the printed material provided on the boat.

- handle the boat, its inventory and equipment with care, and especially that he will not handle the boat under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and will behave responsibly in every way.

- sail within the borders of the territorial waters of the Republic of Croatia. Leaving Croatian territorial waters is only allowed upon previous written consent from <>.

- sail only in safe weather conditions and at good visibility, and to avoid dangerous territories.

- adjust the sailing to weather conditions and the crew's capabilities, and not allow unnecessary burdening of the mast, sails and ropes.

- not leave the harbour or anchorage in case the boat or one of its vital parts is damaged and/or unsafe for sailing.

- not leave the harbour if port authorities have issued a prohibition of sailing or in case of insufficient fuel supplies.

- not use the boat for commercial purposes (transport of goods or people for compensation), professional fishing, sailing school or similar activities.

- not rent or lend the boat to a third party.

- not board more people than the boat is registered for, and not to allow people not stated on the crew list to stay on the boat.

- not participate in regattas or races without a previous consent from <>.

- not tow another boat and to take all possible preventive measures to avoid a situation in which the chartered boat would need to be towed.

- agree that the charter agreement be terminated, in case it is found that any one of the crew members broke a valid regulation and/or law or the Republic of Croatia. After this the boat is at <>'s disposal, and the client does not have any right to compensation from <>. <> renounces any kind of responsibility towards state authorities; the client takes sole responsibility for violations and crimes committed.

- assume responsibility and compensate for all costs, for which it is established that they were caused by actions or omissions on the client's side, and for which <> is materially and criminally responsible to a third party.

- the client's responsibility for violations of sailing and other regulations, which were committed during the charter, does not cease with the end of the charter.

- in case of damage, accident or brakeage of the boat, the client must record the stream of events, immediately notify <>, file an accident report to the closest port authorities, and demand a verification from the harbour master, doctor or other competent authority.

- notify <> immediately in case of any defect of the boat or its equipment. <> is obliged to repair the defect within 24 hours from receiving the notification. In case <> repairs the defect within 24 hours, the client has no right to compensation. Emergency telephone numbers for defect notifications are in the boats' documentation and/or on the boat’s hull.

- fully compensate for any damage caused by his negligence or omission, which is not covered by insurance, and for which <> is responsible to a third party.

- in case of disappearance of the boat or its equipment, inability of sailing, confiscation of the boat or sailing prohibition by the government or a third party, the client must immediately notify the competent authorities and <>, and demand a copy of the police report.

- assume full responsibility in case of confiscation of the boat by competent authorities due to irresponsible or illegal actions of the crew (commercial fishing, etc.).

- be fully responsible for sea contamination during the filling of fuel tanks or dropping waste outside regulated places.

- check the oil level in the engine every day. Damages and losses caused by an insufficient oil level in the engine are the client's responsibility.

- take pets (dogs, cats, etc.) aboard only with a previous permission from <>. No pets are allowed on board, except upon preliminary agreement.

The client is materially and criminally responsible for his actions during the charter.

The skipper's obligations

The skipper of the chartered boat must posses all necessary nautical knowledge and skills, as well as a valid boat leader's licence and GMDSS radiotelephony licence.

<> may ask the skipper to demonstrate his knowledge and skills at sea, in the presence of an <> representative. The time used for this testing is included in the time of the charter.

In case an <> representative establishes that the skipper does not posses the appropriate knowledge, experience and/or valid licences for sailing, <> can appoint a professional skipper to join the crew, at additional cost according to the valid price list. In case the client does not accept the appointed skipper, <> has the right to forbid the client from sailing out with the boat, terminate the contract, and keep the full paid amount. The client has no right to reimbursement.

If the client knows in advance that he will need the services of a skipper, he should notify <> upon reservation.

Boat insurance

The boat's insurance covers damages inflicted to and by a third party (obligatory insurance). The boat also has hull insurance in the amount of the reported boat value, for risks stated in the insurance policy. The hull insurance covers damages that exceed the amount of the deposit, but not intentional damages or damages caused by brutal negligence.

<> is not responsible for loss and/or damage of the client's and crew's possessions, or third parties' possessions, which are kept on the boat, in an official <> vehicle or the <> office. By paying the advance payment and accepting the general
charter conditions, the client renounces any rights to compensation by <>, in connection with loss and/or damage to personal possessions.

All damages and/or losses must be reported to <> immediately after their occurrence. In case of serious damage or when more than one vessel is involved, the incident must be reported to the competent port authorities, who must provide proper documents, which subsequently need to be handed over to the insurance provider. There is a possibility that damages covered by the insurance policy, which were not properly and timely reported to <>, the competent authorities and the insurance provider, even though all necessary documentation exists, will not be acknowledged by the insurance provider. In this case, the client is fully responsible for the damage and will be charged accordingly.

When the boat is damaged, the client is obliged to cover all costs in accordance with the conditions of the hull insurance, but only up to the amount of the security deposit. The costs of damages caused by negligence and/or loss of one or more parts of the equipment are fully covered by the client.

The sails are not insured, the costs of eventual damage are covered by the client. The client's responsibility is excluded only when damage to the sails is caused by normal wearing out of the sails or by brakeage of the mast.

Engine damage caused by an insufficient oil amount is not covered by insurance and is covered by the client in full, as well as any damage resulting from the engine damage.

Insurance against insolvency or bankruptcy of <>
In accordance with the Law on Tourist Activity(NN 8/96), in case of insolvency or bankruptcy of <>, the client caught by that while chartering a boat, as well as persons which paid down payments for a charter should contact the provider stated on the travel certificate or on another corresponding document as soon as possible.

Damages and defects during the charter All
damages and defects that occur on the boat while under the client's care, and
which are not a result of natural wearing out of the boat, are paid by the client.
Before making any repairs or purchases, the client is obligated to contact and
agree on the technical justification of the repair and the manner of payment.

All damages and defects that occur on the boat while under the client's care,
and which are a result of natural wearing out of the boat, are paid by
Before making any repairs, the client is obligated to come to an agreement with <> about
the technical and financial justification of the repair. The client pays the
on spot, if necessary, and obliges to keep it, so <> can
refund the payment in full upon check-out.

The client obliges to notify <> about any breakages and damages, immediately after they occur, and no matter what the cause is. <> will instruct the client about the proper course of action. Unauthorized repairs and equipment replacements will be paid in full by the client.


Every client has the right to a complaint, if he considers <>'s services to be incomplete and/or not qualitatively performed. The client may demand a proportional reimbursement, but only if a written complaint is lodged upon check-out, and all necessary documentation is provided. A written complaint must be signed by both parties – by the client and an <> representative. Subsequently received or incompletely documented complaints will not be taken into consideration by <>.

<> is obliged to provide a written solution of the received complaint within 14 days after receiving it. <> is allowed to postpone the time limit for an additional 14 days, if gathering information and checking the complaint claims with the people involved is necessary.

The client renounces the right to arbitration by a third party, competent authority, or law institution, or releasing information to the media, until <> has reached a solution of the complaint. Provided that the client acts contrary to this regulation, he loses the right to compensation, because of violation of the procedure. In this case, <> has the right to ask the client for compensation of eventual damages caused by such an action.

The highest compensation can equal the amount of the part of the service which was the object of the complaint. The client has no right to compensation for services that have already been used or for the whole amount of the charter price. This also excludes any rights to compensation of non-material damages.

Legal terms

If the client is not satisfied with <>'s solution, and is unable to reach a reasonable agreement with <>, he has the right to court arbitration. For cases like this and other cases of disputes between clients and <>, the jurisdiction court is in Rijeka, applying Croatian law.

Any changes and additions to these general conditions are only valid in written form and with agreement from both parties.

signature Charterer:_____________