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Charteryacht: Bavaria 42 Match 3 cabin Biograd-Marina Kornati / Bj: 2005

Bericht von Sig. F.L. / Gallarate VA /
Starthafen / Zielhafen Biograd-Marina Kornati / Biograd-Marina Kornati
Datum / Dauer 18.08.2007 / 1 Woche/n
Checkinzeit verspätete Übergabe
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Before payment it was no problem, not even for Pat.VHF. Then we had a bunch of problems always because of the VHF. I was told, that for this year, the VHF licence is a minor problem, further I was told, I can make it in the port. Unfortunately I was not able to arrive before saturday afternoon,and so I was told I could it make only 3 days later(maybe);otherwise I was told to book a skipper for 120 Euro/day. That not enough the skipper was suffering from severe depressions (I assume a medicine named DEPAKIN, is prescriped for depressions) and was depending from alcohol (he started drinking at 5 p.m. arriving in the port,exaggurating during dinner,and he always offended me and returned completely drunk at 4 or 5 in the morning. I had a nice recall about the Cornati islands, which I could not this time show this wonderful places to my children and friends. At the very end of the trip when a very strong wind of 25-27 kn appeared, the skipper cam litelly to panic, he did not know how to reef the sail (he expected to get my hands with the wind from the side and the sail). I was busy to intervene with my children of 14 and 16 years to close everything, telling my son to go with the enginge with the bow to the wind. Because I thought, the skipper knows the limits of the Bavaria 42 Match, I was horrified that the boat might loose it´s mast or keel, because I heard of repairs already done before. Addio Fabio Lomazzi [Note of CHARTERPARTNER: the client was informed about the VHF-obligation in Croatia, as every client is informed BEFORE booking and payment. He booked very late, and was given and agreed a date for achieving the papers and complete the formalities, here achieving the VHF-licence of Crotia. He did not arrive on time and did not contact the base and anyway, he can no expect, that croatian officials wait all day for people, who agree appointments and do not show up! As a result, the client was obliged to accept a skipper. Unfortunately in high season, all "good skippers" are booked already, especially in Croatia because of many, many italian family crews, and so the chartercompanies try to help the client. Unfortunately, sometimes the personal and social competency of such "Last Minute Skippers" is not acceptable - we regret at that situation, but nobody including us is able to offer a solution for that, except: the client stays in port. The local laws are strict, and it is no possible to ignore them any longer, as it was done a very long time! We can only recommend to everybody who wants to avoid such a situation, to book VERY early, have all papers ready or be ready to add 1 day or 2 to the holiday to achieve the necessary local papers! [comment CHARTERPARTNER end]
Verbesserungsvorschläge Speak clearly with the client and not blame the agency.
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