Yachtcharter Charterpartner Rating der Charterfirmen und Feedbacks der Kunden Bavaria 46 Cruiser 3 cabin Porec-Funtana
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Charteryacht Bavaria 46 Cruiser 3 cabin Porec-Funtana / built: 2007

Reported by Mr. A.K. / Kaluga /
Startharbour / destination harbour Porec-Funtana / Porec-Funtana
date/ duration 08.09.2012 / 1 week/s
embarcation immediately at arrival
Checkin reference very good and detailed
Quality of the boat good, nothing important to complain about
Checkout reference accurate and correct
Did a diver check the hull below waterline? no
General recommendation some improvements suggested
How did you like the waters, you sailed in? I would love to return again
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(6=very good, 1=very bad)
praise and criticism
We booked with Agency Charterpartner not the first time. When organizing the trip extremely dissatisfied with the work Manager in Moscow on the preparation of the Treaty. The error occurred in the date, which we had to change flights.In the end, we lost about 450 euros.For this reason we strongly think-whether the work next time with Èarterpartner.In the Marina, all organized by benevolent.Thanks to the Manager at the Marina!
Recommendations for improvements
CHARTERPARTNERīs comment about clientīs feedback Comment of CHARTERPARTNER´S Moscow manager: about mess in dates - situation was not really nice. Clients made very early booking, at first they asked the contract for the one dates, then asked to issue another contract for another dates. Then they bought tickets for correct dates and started to prepare to the trip. 5 month after they opened by mistake the cancelled contract and decided that they had taken tickets for wrong dates. Then called me and asked if it is possible to change the date of sailing because they bought flight tickets for the wrong dates. I answered them by phone that usually it is difficult but I will check tomorrow (off course ). Then they called me one more time, before I checked anything and told that they found opportunity to change tickets. And will change them because it is by sure easier that change charter dates. I agreed with them and the situation was finished. Unfortunatly I didn't check the dates of booking - nobody asked me to do it, they asked only to check possibility of change, and they asked again to check nothing. I really understand how client were dissapointed when they realized that they messed dates not in the first time but only when changed tickets, and had to change tickets back! But I don't think that I'm the only person culpable in the incident - because I did all the things I was asked for

 all references about this chartercompany and port

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