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Charteryacht Bavaria 39 Cruiser 3 cabin Athen / built: 2007

Reported by Mr. O.G. / Moscow /
Startharbour / destination harbour Athen / Athen
date/ duration 30.04.2011 / 1 week/s
embarcation we waited a little
Checkin reference very good and detailed
Quality of the boat perfectly clean and technically prepared
Checkout reference accurate and correct
Did a diver check the hull below waterline? yes
General recommendation some improvements suggested
How did you like the waters, you sailed in? nice, but not overwhelming
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praise and criticism
Sailboat is almost new (2007), but there were many small troubles with equipment all the time. Sometimes GPS didn't work, I had to repair antenna by myself. When we were leaving, alarm (SOS) started to give signal, we had to switch off VHF and GPS for a while. Sometimes echo-sounder showed something strange - 7-8 meteres instead of 70-80 throught the chart. Water didn't go out well in one of showers. Sometimes anchor winch became jammed, at the end of trip electric preventer worked all the time we used anchor winch, what was really dangerous in the strong wind. There were not enought fenders on board - we will be glad if we have 4 more, because moorings in Greece sometimes are really difficult. Marina Alimos is very crowded, it is difficult to moor there for beginners. Service in marina is awfull - only 2 toilets and showers, and they are working only from 8:00 till 20:00. But all the other was wonderfull. Very kind staff of chartercompany, very responsive owner of the boat, the boat is super-clean, tidy, and everything is well organized. Sails, winches, engine, Dinghy, emergency equipment are Ok. Good service of charteragency, especially your Russian representive (Maria) - I want to say thank you to her for detailed and pationed explanations of all the details of charter. My desire: can you include insurance service at the package of charter - because it is really difficult to transfer money from Russia to German company via bank transfer. That's all.
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