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Charteryacht Bavaria 46 Cruiser 4 cabin Rhodos-Mandraki / built: 2006

Reported by Mr. O.P. / Nizhniy Novgorod /
Startharbour / destination harbour Rhodos-Mandraki / Rhodos-Mandraki
date/ duration 14.06.2014 / 1 week/s
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I would be happy to leave good feedback if get back my 70 EUR for broken Outboard. To take money for such poor-boy - this is...
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CHARTERPARTNERīs comment about clientīs feedback From: Angelos Moschovelis | Kekeris Yachts Sent: Monday, July 14, 2014 4:12 PM To: yachtcharter@charterpartner.com Cc: 'Kekeris Yachts' Subject: customer feedback_14-0686 Dear Mr. Hans Steiner, Your request gives me a sense of surprise because I know - & you know - very well how it works our family company!!! Unfortunately, your request can not be accepted for the following reasons: 1. In our family company all outboards are delivered after fully technical inspection and testing in the presence of the customer. 2. Customer pays after his personal acceptance. 3. During the week of the charter we did not receive any phone call stating any problem of the outboard. 4. There was no problem during the delivery and control of the outboard. 5. According to our company policy not accepted complaints after 15 days from the end of any charter. * please check the following link: http://www.kekeris-yachts.com/images/stories/plans/kekeris_yachts_price_list_2014.pdf My comment: Mr. Peskov already complained me about the situation some time ago. Staff gave them very poor Outboard and it didn't function at all during their trip. Finally they were not charged for broken engine, but the subject is that they paid 70 EUR on boarding for device which didn't function. My opinion: Actually, knowing Greeks and knowing the situation on the bases on islands (usually bad organized) I am ready to trust to client that the Outboard was really poor and didn't function. But according the contract and proceduref they had to call to the base on the first day they realized the problem, and not wait till coming back to the base to complain! So I think this is appropriate excuse for chartercompany not to give them back 70 EUR

Charteryacht Bavaria 46 Cruiser 4 cabin Lavrion / built: 2006

Reported by Herr M.L. / Haar /
Startharbour / destination harbour Lavrion / Lavrion
date/ duration 05.05.2007 / 1 week/s
embarcation immediately at arrival
Checkin reference could be more accurate
Quality of the boat very bad, dirty, technically critical
Checkout reference accurate and correct
Did a diver check the hull below waterline? yes
General recommendation some improvements suggested
How did you like the waters, you sailed in? nice, but not overwhelming
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The handover was without peoblems. The responsible person was there and his english was very good. Unfortunately h disappeared after handover, and we could not ask further questions. At return, the responsible base-person was not at the base to speak about the checkout. The checkout then was done without problems. I know from previous charters better and more accurate checkin-procedures. I had the impression, he had no time, and was on his way to somewhere else. After hour he came back and brought the missing equipment - what is posiive to mention. Qualit of the boat: already at the first sailing day after 10 nm the rudder was blocked. Reason: the rudder-chain was loose - was strengthened by us a little. After no more problems, but we were all the time tensioned. Windspeed indicator after 3 days, showed wrong measurements-without any reason. Later the autohelm stopped working - untik end of the trip, we think, a bad connection in the elctric. We heard a tone inside, but the device was without function. After return, the device wirked, very strange. The sailing area was new for m, the port of Mykonos is a construction area, the same noise in the port of Gavrion (Andros), very beautiful islands are Kea and Syros. I would bladly charter from CHARTERPARTNER again, but another boat
Recommendations for improvements base-staff should more often be disponible at the port (at arrival and departure days)
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