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Charteryacht Bavaria 34 Cruiser 2 cabin Bodrum-Turgut Reis / built: 2008

Reported by Herr G.T. / Radolfzell /
Startharbour / destination harbour Bodrum-Turgut Reis / Bodrum-Turgut Reis
date/ duration 11.04.2009 / 1 week/s
embarcation immediately at arrival
Checkin reference to superficial, several questions not answered
Quality of the boat good, nothing important to complain about
Checkout reference easy, maybe a little superficial
Did a diver check the hull below waterline? no
General recommendation some improvements suggested
How did you like the waters, you sailed in? I would love to return again
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(6=very good, 1=very bad)
praise and criticism
Very bad was, that we were asked to pay 100 € for Taxi from Bodrum to Turgut Reis. A local Taxi asked 25 € for that. That was a ripoff. After negotiations we paid 30 €. The Bavaria 34 Cruiser was bad equipped. Theer was no electric cable shore connection on board, no waterhose and especially no charts of Turgut Reis and Goekova Gulf. This was brought to us after asking it, but we had to wait and lost 3 hours on Saturday! The return of the boat was too easy - it was marked "hull control by diver", but it was not done! We were not amused and will surely not book from Franken und Meer again
Recommendations for improvements
CHARTERPARTNERīs comment about clientīs feedback translated from german ----- Original Message ----- From: "Franken & Meer, Neunkirchen" To: "Charterpartner / Pecumedia GmbH" Sent: Friday, May 15, 2009 9:17 AM Subject: AW: complain Thiehoff Hallo Hans, sorry for late reply. In attachment I send the statement of the turkish charterbase. I am very sorry, that the client was unhappy with the services and we as well as the local bases will try to do everything, that such complaints will not appear in the future anymore. About the timequestion itīs not possible for me to say anything, because I canīt judge who is right. We understand the anger of the client, on the other hand, small delays canīt be avoided at all times. We want to grant Mr.Thiehoff - if he maybe wants to give us a 2nd chance to proof, that itīs not always as complained about - without any legal obligation an additional discount of 10% for his maybe next charter with us! In the name and behalf of the whole crew I want to apologize, because we of course and indeed think, that the week of holiday of the client should take place without any problems! best regards Yvonne statement of the base Bodrum/in german language

 all references about this chartercompany and port

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