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Charteryacht Sun Odyssey 32 2 cabin Trogir / built: 2004

Reported by Mr. A.E. / Saint-Petersburg /
Startharbour / destination harbour Trogir / Trogir
date/ duration 30.04.2011 / 1 week/s
embarcation we waited a little
Checkin reference could be more accurate
Quality of the boat good, nothing important to complain about
Checkout reference accurate and correct
Did a diver check the hull below waterline? yes
General recommendation some improvements suggested
How did you like the waters, you sailed in? I would love to return again
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(6=very good, 1=very bad)
praise and criticism
There were few problem during our trip: 1) Furling mainsail was from another boat. As a result we couldn't use roller furling system properly. Any time we wanted to hoist the main, we had to go to mast and take it out by hands, otherwise mainsail got completely stuck. 2) Water in fuel On the third day of our trip we couldn't start the engine. The reason: there was water in diesel. We lost one day. Chartercompany found technician, he pumped out about 1,5 l of water. At first, chartercompany garanteed us to return money we paid to technitian (120 Euro). But, when we came at the base, they told that we have to pay it, because it was our fault that water came into the tank. Finally we agreed, that we pay the half, and they pay the half. May be it was fair enought, but it contradicted the first promises. 3) In general about trips to Croatia (4 trips) Bigger the boat is, better it's technical condition and service are. Smaller the boat is, worser is condition and service. It's a pity for the one family who travels alone...
Recommendations for improvements
CHARTERPARTNER´s comment about client´s feedback From: "Margit Guenther" Sent: Tuesday, May 24, 2011 4:07 PM To: Subject: Re-4: Kundenfeedback > (nearly literally transcribed/translated from a german email) **** the guys at the base felt sorry for Mr.Ekimkin, because he missed his flight and had to buy another one. They were nice as well, and asked him to pay Transit Log and local tourist charge at the end of the charter, because he had more expenses, than expected (he did obviously forget to mention that, right?) *** client made a mistake whilst sailing, so the skipper was forced to drive out and repair the whole sail. The sail is the original sail of that boat (it fits...) *** the problems with water in tank came up after 3 days. If ther would have been water in the tank at the beginning, the problems would have started at his first engine hours... he contacted the base, but it is very likely, that he himself or one of his crew by mistake has filled water into the tank *** repairs like that usually must be paid completely by the client, the chartercompany asked only 50%, so he dad to pay only 800 kn (about 110 EUR) for emptying and cleaing of the tank (it was of course not possible to use the fuel any more) *** the boat was inspected and there were no technical reasons visible that could have caused that poblem. > *** checkin and checkout was done by checklist as usual > **** he had not to wait, the boat was handed BEFORE the agreed time (5.p.m.) to him.... > Liebe Grüße > MArgit > > > i.A. Margit Günther > Baotic Yachting GmbH

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