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Charteryacht: Elan 350 Performance 2 cabin Biograd-Marina Kornati / Bj: 2011

Bericht von Mr. V.Y. / Khimki /
Starthafen / Zielhafen Biograd-Marina Kornati / Biograd-Marina Kornati
Datum / Dauer 16.06.2012 / 1 Woche/n
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Verbesserungsvorschläge Pros: -region navigation-manageability and performance yachts (great!) -the staff is still trying to help (solved the problem with Bimini). Cons (Important!): 1. Čarterpartner not sent his crew list to base (why I spend time and it fills in on your website??) 2. Čarterpartner is not transmitted, we will have kids 3. as a result, the company has not produced a children's lifejackets. 4. I do not have any destkogo vest "we have less information to us no pass". My youngest child 7 years old but the girl went to vest the size of 50-70 kg. (I think it's the ugliness).6. what will I have children and I need jackets I've written as čarterpartneru (see note to crewlist and base for e-mail — the result of zero.7. on a yacht in 35 degree heat with NO crew BIMINI!!! Anyway, even the frame. The Manager said "why are you taking a sports boat with children?". And another Pearl "Bimini to order!". Thank God the guys were able to unscrew the bimini with another yacht, which was idle this week. But why u must hurt the head of kapiatna Bimini, if I wrote that I go to with family and children? The way to manage mèinsèjlom sportinoj yacht with a trèvellerom next to the steering wheel, just easier to master than the cruiser. 8. u have a feature exploited Elan 350 boom (it without supporting FALA on masts), to me this time is also not explained. As a result had to buy rope, climb on a mast and to strengthen further the FAL-it turned out that the yacht of this design that was not necessary. Little thing-but it's also a certain indifference could indicate on this feature when passing yachts.
Kommentar zum Kundenfeedback 1. The crewlist was asked several times from the client, he did not complete. Then he completed and did send it late without Any NOTE about children /family.(but with birthdate year 2020...) 2. The crewliszt was sent to the base (reconfirmed: hey had it!) We are not able to reckon each single crewmewmber´s age, so we canot findout if one is a child or very old and needs other support.(sorry) 3.) We suggest to bring own children´s vests, because mostly the ones from the charterebases are poor or not fitting. IF one asks it, we inform the charterbase. In this case, there was no note about that demand in the crewlist-how should we know? 4.) The Bimini was mentioned to us as a standardequipment of that boat. That is matter of the base, and they solved it - we cannot know the individual temporary equipments or demounted devices. We cannot follow the description of toppic 8 - all boats are in technical sailing condition or will be brought to it by the base. There is no need to climb on masts or whatever. The base can and must do that. Again: we as agent rely on the information from the charterbase and try to verify all as best as we can, but we cannot know each single temporary mismatch or individual demand of each single client, especially, if he/she does not deliver their emphasized demand to us.

 alle Bewertungen dieses Vercharterers und seiner Basen

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