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Charteryacht: Bavaria 46 Cruiser 4 cabin Rhodos / Bj: 2016

Bericht von Mr. S.B. / Saratov /
Starthafen / Zielhafen Rhodos / Rhodos
Datum / Dauer 28.04.2011 / 1 Woche/n
Checkinzeit sofort bei Ankunft direkt auf´s Boot
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Verbesserungsvorschläge It is necessary to improve technical preparation of saiboat. We lost 24 hours for repairing: electric, VHF didn't work. Navigation lights didn't work (we repaired it ourselves), anchor winch didn't work (we repaired it ourselves), old mainsail (we repaired it ourselves) From Maria Temchina: they called me on first day and looked really dissapointed with technical condition of sailboat...
Kommentar zum Kundenfeedback From: Helen Bäckman Sent: Monday, May 23, 2011 4:34 PM To: yachtcharter@charterpartner.com Subject: Re: wait for your comment about Rhodes Dear Hans, We had some answers from Rhodes letting us know the following which maybe you can give your feedback for: The base manager said he called Pavlo, the head man of the flotilla and told him the story. He told the base manager that the client of yours joined the flotilla but they come through another office than the rest of the flotilla. Pavlo was also surprised when he heard the story. "The crew came in Mandraki port Saturday afternoon and we did the check in immediately. At the same time I was just put on the Main sail. When finished check in we seen that the VHF was out of order for some reason so I asked the crew when they planning to leave and they answered : we want to leave tomorrow morning after 09:00 o'clock all together as a flotilla. So I arranged the electronic technician to be 09:00 o'clock in the boat, so was. The problem was just a burned fuse so it took me five minutes to repair it.After all the yachts left. At the meantime no phone from anybody, so no news good news. When they returned during check out I saw the following: 1. The main sail was torn and was repaired by hand so I had to give it again to the sail maker. 2. The anchor windlass had completely cut screws underneath the base 3. During check out I ask the skipper where is the second winch handle and he told me it is in the cockpit table but now we eat so I did no disturb them I trust them and finally it was not there 4. They lost a fender. The last day of the charter they had to go out at 09:00 o'clock in the morning us usual but I let them stay in the boat all day til late afternoon" Thanks for giving your feedback on the report from Rhodes and we can speak on Skype tomorrow as well so we find the good solution. Kind regards, Helen Bäckman Booking Manager - Greece & Turkey Navigare Yachting

 alle Bewertungen dieses Vercharterers und seiner Basen

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