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Question:Can I leave turkish waters with a charteryacht and sail to Greece?
Answer:If the chartercompany allows that (important: ask them!!) one can sail to greek Ports of Entry. Normal checkin procedures with crewlists and boatpapers. An original insurance confirmation must be on board and the boat-papers must be original, too! If not existing, one must buy the PPMD (Private Pleasureboat Maritime Document) for about 58 EUROS and 25 x 2 fields for each arrival and leaving a greek port. Harbourmasters stamp this paper. The paper must not be given back at leaving the country, it belongs to the boat.
Often the chartercompanies have one for that specific boat. With the PPMD one can sail in greek waters. At return, the chartrcompanies often refund parts of the PPMD-costs, because they can use it for future clients (no obligation, but one can ask!). Ports of Entry Dodecanese islands: Lesvos, Chios, Paros (northeast port), Paros Pythagoreion, Patmos, Kalymnos, Kos, Symi, Rhodes, Kastellorizon, Astipalaiia

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