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FUGU, the dangerous and extremely poisonous pufferfish
Lagocephalus sceleratus  invades the eastern and now central mediterranean sea!

Poisonous pufferfish Lagocephalus sceleratus

Other names for the fish are "rabbithead" or "rabbitnose"

FUGU is the japanese name, where the fish came from, but only a handfull of very special educated and experienced cooks are entitled to serve that "japanese delicatesse" to high risc conaissseurs.

The poinon of the fish is NOT degradable or destroyed from cooking can cause severe toxic reactions! Permanent blindness is the harmless result, death is the 99% likelyhood!

Officials in Greece and also in Turkey, and in Croatia and Italy as well like other southeast-mediterranean countries give urgent warnings to all fishermen - professionals and private fishers!

There were a few reports in the last years, that the pufferfish is about to invade the mediterranean sea and spread through waters around eastern islands like Cyprus, Crete and the Dodecanese like Rhodes (2003). 2009 the fish was often seen and cought in eastern Greece and Turkey, in 2012 in Croatia and italian coasts.

The fish is up to 50cm long and can weight 3 pounds (1500 g)
It is absolutely necessary to avoid fishsoups, unless one is 100% sure, what kind of fish was used for it!

Even fishermen were seen offering that fish as a "special delicate fish", likely not knowing, what they have in offer!

In case one catches such a fish, please contact the local nautical officials and give them that warning!







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