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Question:What time can we go on board?
Answer:The previous clients leave the boat at 9 o´clock in the morning. The staff of the base needs some time then to clean, repair and prepare the boat for YOUR holiday. As it is not possible to say, how many boats must be prepared, and which repairs might take how long, in all contracts, usually a boarding time not before 4 p.m, sometimes 6 p.m. is agreed. When you send your crewlist, and maybe agree a transfer from the airport arranged by the base, they will try their best, to have the boat ready for you, when you arrive, But that can´t be guaranteed. However: after arrival, you can go shopping and get a first impression of your environment, make yourself familiar with the area, you will have holidays the next days. The staff at the base will give you all necessary informations to shorten time until they can welcome you for boarding!

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