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additional insurancesWhich additional insurances can I get?
boardingWhat time can we go on board?
boat licence Which sailing-licence is required in Turkey, Greece, Croatia,Italy,Mallorca/Spain Cuba
CabreraWhen I sail around Mallorca, can I visit Cabrera island, and how do I get a permit?
charterbase serviceWhich services do I get at the charterbase?
CharterpartnerI donīt know you - how can I find out about Charterpartner?
CharterpartnerHow can I get more informations about CHARTERPARTER?
Chartertax basechargeWhat is a Chartertax or basecharge and what is included in it?
Cornati entrance feeHow much is fee for Kornati islands?
Credit cardsCan I pay the charter with credit card Visa American Express Master Card?
crewchange during a chartertripHow can we change crememebers during a chartertrip?
Crewlistwhen shall I send crewlist and papers?
crewsize, number of people on boardHow many people can be on the boat?
Croatia Transfer from airport to baseDo you arrange a transfer from airport to the boat?
Croatia Boat LicenceWhat are the special regulations in Croatia about sailing?
Croatia Mali Zdrelac bridgemaximum height for a passage through Mali Zdrelac?
Cuba itineraryDo you offer itineraries for Cuba?
DepositHow can I pay deposit?
Deposit insuranceCan I cover deposit riscs?
Deposit with skipperIf client charters a yacht with skipper, does he have to pay deposit?
discountsWhich discounts can I get?
Elba ferryboat PiombinoShall I make a reservation for ferryboat?
emergency phone numbersWhich phone-numbers can be called in case of an emergency with my mobile?
equipmentsHow are the yachts equipped?
ferryboatDo I need a reservation for ferryboat transfer?
flightsDo you offer flights?
Greece , TurkeyCan I sail with a yacht chartered in Greece in Turkey?
Greece airportsHow can I fly into Greece?
Greece co-skipperDo I need a 2nd skipper in Greece and which qualifications?
Greece Ports of Entry (East Med)What are greek Ports of Entry on the turkish greek border?
Greece scuba divingCan I scuba dive in Greece?
InsuranceHow are the boats insured?
Italy ferryboatShall I make a reservation for ferryboat?
ItinerariesDo you offer itineraries?
late arrival late boardingOur plane arrives very late, how can we get on board?
Mallorca Alcudia Transfer from airport to baseHow far is Alcudia? Do you arrange transfer to Alcudia?
Mallorca itinerariesRecommendations for a sailing trip at Mallorca?
Mallorca Palma TransferDo you arrange Transfer to Palma or Can Pastilla?
Montenegro, Italy, SloweniaCan I leave croatian waters and sail to Montenegro, Italy or Slowenia?
Payment at baseIs it possible to pay the charter at the base?
Payment of chartersHow can I pay my charters?
payment securisationAre my payments secure and will the money be safe?
Payment very lateI booked Last Minute and the time might be too short, when I order payment now.
Persons on boardWe have (example) a boat with 6 beds, 6 adults and 2 children - is that possible?
procedure of charter bookingWhat is the procedure of charter after booking order?
reservation of a boat optionCan I make a reservation for boats?
sailing licenceI have a local sailing licence for motorboats, but no sailing licence - can I charter a boat?
Skipper accomodationWhere does skipper sleep?
Skipper feeHow much costs a skipper per day?
Skipper foodWhat means "XXX € + food"?
Skipper tippsDo I pay a tip to the skipper?
Skipper too expensiveI think, the skipper fee is too high
TransferCan you arrange transfers?
Turkey airportsHow can I fly into Turkey?
Turkey Blue CruiseWhat is a Blue Cruise?
Turkey Greece Can we cross the border between Turkey and Greece and vice versa?
Turkey GuletWhat is a Gulet?
Turkey Ports of EntryWhich Ports of Entry can be called coming from Greece?
Turkey scuba divingWhere can I find a licenced scuba dive-guide?
Turkey ScubadivingCan I scuba dive in Turkey?
Turkey Transfer from airport to yacht baseDo you arrange transfer from airport to the boat?
Turkey, GreeceCan I leave turkish waters with a charteryacht and sail to Greece?

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