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Question:Can we cross the border between Turkey and Greece and vice versa?
Answer:In 2006 the regulations are as follows:

a charterboat coming from Turkey can call a Port of Entry and enter the European Community.
The charterboat is obliged to check out from Turkey at Port Police of the last Port of Entry nand sail directly to the next greek Port of Entry (see list searching "Greece ports of entry").
The following papers MUST be presented there immediately after arrival in the first greek port:
Passport Police
1.) passports of all crewmembers, if necessary, including a valid VISA
at Port Police
2.) crew-list with all names and passportnumbers, boatname, tonnage ect.
3.) boat-papers
4.) proof of insurance
5.) mention last Port (Turkey) and next port
Harbour Master
all the papers above checked, stamped and fees paid, paying harbour fee

It is possible to sail further into greek islands, but it is NOT legal to cross boarder without calling the offical authorities. By that reason, it is recommended, to stay in Greece or Turkey and not cross border every day! Sailing to the turkish coast from Greece or a greek island from Turkey is illegal and Coast Guard can put the boat on chain without appropriate papers!

Sailing with a GREEK charterboat to Turkey is possible. The greek (or other non-turkish) charterboat must call a Port of Entry (see list Ports of entry Turkey). After 1 night, the greek charterboat MUST leave Turkey. It is NOT allowed to sail from one turkish port to another with a non-turkish-charterboat. If the Captain does that, the Harbour Master and authorities ask paying the full turkish charter-licence, which is (2006) 500 Euro each bed on board + further fees!

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