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Question:Which discounts can I get?
Answer:usual discounts are
* early booking - usually, if you book before 31.12. or 31.1.
* fair - when you book on a boatfair
* multiple weeks - some companies offer discounts for multiple weeks
* multiple boats - when you book more tha 1 boat at once (subject of negotiation)
* repeater - if you are a regular client, we grant repeater-discount, no matter, which
chartercompany is the executing partner of your sailing-holiday
* Last Minute - short time bookings have special prices - seek,choose,return contract,pay and sail!
* finally: we try to offer a fair pricing and reasonable relation between the boat you get and the price you pay! You want to charter a good maintained yacht for your holiday, from a professional base and qualified technical and administrative personal support!
By that reason, we canīt offer extreme discounts, that would harm the quality of services, and Iīm sure: your holiday needs the best service one can provide!

To "lure" with crazy offers is useless at the end for all partners, and we do not want to fool our guests...!

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