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Question:Are my payments secure and will the money be safe?
Answer:Your payments are collected on a separated bank-account at one of Germanies biggest banks, the "Postbank". One cannot get a bankaccount in Germany, if he is not registered with adress and checked by the bank.
Payment by bank transfer is ordered by you and surely the most safe payment method, because nobody gets any of your payment datas!
Furthermore we have a certification of the german Quality-company "Trusted Shops", which audited CHARTERPARTNER in 2007 and issued the quality-certificate.
Payment procedure is separated: when we register the incoming payments, we confirm that by email to you, the client, and forward the payment to the chartercompanies on time.
If available, we ask the companies to issue a payment-securisation-confirmation.
Some have such an individual coverage, others have a general insurance for the payments.
This is not legally necessary in all countries, so we as your agent check the companies as far as possible to see, if the company and base exists, how long they are on the market, how professional is their administrative and bas-/technical organisation asf.
Only, when whe have the impression and verification, that a company is acceptable, we offer them to our clients!
If your payment is a higher sum, the chartercompanies can be asked to deliver a bank-guarantee, which costs between 2 and 3% of the guaranteed sum.(mostly not below 5000 by administrative cost reasons)
Please talk to us in any situation of hesitation or doubts about that case!

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