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Question:I have a local sailing licence for motorboats, but no sailing licence - can I charter a boat?
Answer:This regulation varies from country to country. In general, the local chartercompany accepts the legally valid licence that you need in your country. Some accept "experience" only, but under the respect of insurance troubles in case of an accident, it is recommended to check this clearly from your local sailing clubs or -associations.
In Croatia, there is a regulation, that asks a VHF-licence.
If one does not have that, it can be obtained from a local "Kapitanerija" after an (easy) examination of nautical knowledge.
Costs are between 150 and 200 and the examination date and time must be ordered or asked in advance of your sailing/motoryacht trip from the chartercompany (a standard procedure, however, it can make you arrive 1 day earlier or stay 1 day before you can leave the harbour.
Some people say, that it is possible to sail without that - but that is illegal, and in case of a control, there is a high fine and the trip ends, until a qualified skipper can sail the boat further! So we recommend urgently not to play games with local authorities!

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