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Question:What is the procedure of charter after booking order?
Answer:prices and payments are (apart from a few carribbean companies, who ask US-$) in EURO
Payments can be done by SEPA-bank transfer or credit card (cc charges 2.5%)
Procedure of charter is standard step by step:
1.) youŽll get the terms and conditions of the chartercompany
2.) you must only confirm these conditions convenient with a mouseclick - no further paperwork needed (except sending your sailing licence by fax or scanned attached to an email)
3.) you either transfer the payment on due date as indicated in invoice by SEPA bank transfer or wait until youŽll get the https-(safe) payment page for credit card payment.
4.) after 2nd payment (due 6 weeks before charter commences), youŽll receive an online access for crew list and order of xtras
5.) 2 weeks before charter youŽll receive the boarding pass with all contact data needed

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