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Charteryacht: Gib Sea 43 Mali Losinj-Marina / Bj: 2002

Bericht von Mr. A.R. / Tromso, Norway /
Starthafen / Zielhafen Mali Losinj-Marina / Mali Losinj-Marina
Datum / Dauer 06.06.2009 / 2 Woche/n
Checkinzeit sofort bei Ankunft direkt auf´s Boot
Checkin Qualität sehr gut und ausführlich
Schiff Qualität gut, unwesentliche Mängel
Checkout Qualität sehr genau und korrekt
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I recommend Mali Losinj as starting point for sailing in Croatia - there are a lot of intresting places easy to reach. By the way, there is all the time windy in the gulf, it doesnt't look really safe. The managers look serious and professional - but they are a little bit to paranoic in safery questions - they organized practical exam to confirm the competency of Skipper. But after it everything was Ok - they sent everyday weather report and gave advice about mooring place if necessary.
Verbesserungsvorschläge They look to be a little bit paranoic in safety questions... We didn't like gas they used for gas-stove - bad quality, a lot of ash. There were not a diver, but a snorkeler checking the boat.
Kommentar zum Kundenfeedback The local wind situation with Scirocco and Bora is often underestimated. The meteoroligical situation looks fair, all easy, and one of a sudden, the extremely hard BORA rushes cold down the mountains and often sailors come into difficulties. By that reason, the experience of each skipper is checked and if the basemanager is not 100% convinced, they ask an intensive practical checkin to the boat. That may look inconvenient, but finally is a matter of quality - as well for the sailor himself, because he sees, that this is done with previous users of the boat as well, and that helps to provide a better boat. To check boat´s hull with a snorchel is equivalent to scuba diver.

 alle Bewertungen dieses Vercharterers und seiner Basen

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