Yachtcharter Charterpartner Rating der Charterfirmen und Feedbacks der Kunden Dufour 375 Grand Large 3 cabin Azoren-Faial Horta

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Charteryacht Dufour 375 Grand Large 3 cabin Azoren-Faial Horta / built: 2011

Reported by Mr. M.N. / Samara /
Startharbour / destination harbour Azoren-Faial Horta / Azoren-Faial Horta
date/ duration 24.08.2013 / 2 week/s
embarcation immediately at arrival
Checkin reference very good and detailed
Quality of the boat perfectly clean and technically prepared
Checkout reference accurate and correct
Did a diver check the hull below waterline? yes
General recommendation very good organised and friendly base
How did you like the waters, you sailed in? I would love to return again
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(6=very good, 1=very bad)
praise and criticism
This is the 2nd time when Charterpartner gives to us wrong information about sleeping places on board of chartered boat. There is a 2nd time when 1 person has no sleeping place and sleeps anywhere. First time something is a chance, 2nd time - is probability... That's time to look for another agent.
Recommendations for improvements
CHARTERPARTNERīs comment about clientīs feedback Comment from CHARTERPARTNER: There wasn't convertible table in saloon, and there were 8 person on 3 cabin boat. I don't remember and can't see in CRM if somebody asked me directly about number of person on board. The boat is mentioned on Sailazores website as certified for 8 person. The case is similiar to the other chartered boat, that was licenced for 8, too.It was NOT OUR fault! We ask all chartercompanies several times by standard for the maximum licenced berths on board. The licence for 8 does not necessarily mean, that the saloon table is convertible - it only says, that 8 persons sleeping on board is permitted, maybe 2 in salon on 2 different benches. Chartercompanies donīt like overloads anyway, so it should be avoided and with 8 people one should think to choose a bigger boat or ask specificly sleeping situation.

 all references about this chartercompany and port

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