Port: Bodrum-City
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feet: 60 cabins: 6 berths: 12 built: 1996 security-payment:

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Fotos and Videos of the boats are samples. Some fotos of the specific boat are available on request.
Equipments are subject to the equipment list and can vary.
Specificly very demanded equipments must be asked individually and reconfirmed by the chartercompany.
The chartercompany reserves the right of variations in equipments of alternative yachts e.g. in case of unexpected situations.

additional information The prices include use of the Yacht, Captain, Crew, all transit-logs, taxes and harbour-fees in Turkey. Visiting Greece adds greek and turkish harbour- and declaration-fees. Note. US-citizens are charged a VISA, please check greek tourism board for updated cost-information.
Waterski or diving possible on request at extra charge.
Provisioning: A provisioning-package is possible for 25 €/day which includes:
breakfast continental breakfast with cheese.eggs, olives, tomatoes, cucumber, tea, coffee, fresh and toasted bread, cereals with fruits and fruitjuice, milk, joghurt and marmelade.
lunch: salads,baked, fried and grilled vegetables, meatballs or chicken, or fish, dessert fruits or sweets
dinner salads, baked turkish specialities like Börek,Lahmacun (pancakes) and else, joghurt, meat, fish or chicken, fruits or sweets.
Non-alcoholic drinks can be ordered and will be provided onclusive for meals.
Alcoholic drinks are on extra charge.These can be bought by yourself in the local supermarket or odered and costs are balanced. Special menue possible on request .
Please note, that fish is very expensive in Turkey and Greece, and if you want to eat more fish than offered in the standard, this is on extra charge.(depending, what kind of fish you want)
It is possible to ask a list of goods to buy, so this can be bought in advance and you eat, what you ordered yourself on your own costs.
Itineraries are on your order - on request we will deliver a personal-itinerary for your trip with recommendations.
You can check sailing informations & itinerariers here
It is possible to order professional travel-guides, please ask for that. (usually between 100 and 500 Euro per day plus 1 cabin on board and full board)

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This is a not binding offer. All data, equipments, prices and conditions are subject to be changed at any time without notice. Only the confirmed booking-contract of the chartercompany is valid. All mistakes reserved. If you want to make sure, your demanded boat is equipped with a specific equipment, please ask confirmation by email. .

Information Ketch Bodrum-City

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